The City and Its Chords

Music and Chennai. The two things that I simply cannot exist without.

By extension, it is only fitting that I’m head over heels in love with bands from Chennai.

Chennai or Madras, as I still like to call it, has always boasted of a culture richer than most other countries of the country. With carnatic music and Bharatanatyam and various other art forms still thriving in this pulsating city, it captures the true essence of what this part of the world stands for.

But I’m talking about a whole other side of this city. One that doesn’t receive the recognition and appreciation it deserves, The rock and indie music bands of Chennai. Not only are these bands fantastic, diverse in content and technically sound; these young men and women exude passion and zeal when it comes to their music.

Fortunately, I’ve had the chance to get an inside view of the music scene Chennai and I was amazed.

Amazed by the dedication, by the hard work, by the homework and by the sheer skill that this field demands.

Friends and friends of friends in bands have ensured, over the past couple of years that I understand both sides of the picture, the glamour as well as the extensive labour.

Bands like Adam and the fish eyed poets ( and The shakey rays are really putting Chennai on the map, with regard to their music. They enjoy a fan base pan India and most deservedly so. They make music that makes you think. Sadly, an aspect that seems to be slowly perishing.

Other bands such as SkratFrank’s got the funk, Greyshack and Public Issue are all popular bands that play some of the best live music in India. Tight, entertaining and unbelievably fun is what these bands promise and indeed, what they deliver, consistently.

It warms my heart to see that these bands are finally getting the backing and support they should, due to the right kind of publicity and marketing. This was a phenomenon that was virtually non-existent when it came to bands in Chennai.

So, if you’re still complaining about how old school Chennai is, maybe it’s time you went to the right places and spoke to the right people.

Get out there and keep a ear out for the right note!


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